Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rooi Lippe Vir Die Leeu's

Rooi Lippe for the Lions

Unlike most who were glued to the television set last saturday watching the Indian cricket team kick some a** (an understandable distraction), some of us were at Ellis Park (I know it is now called Coca-Cola Park, but I choose to still call it Ellis...) supporting our favourite rugby team, THE LIONS.

With my trusty sidekicks by my side, we ventured to the stadium to give our boys some much needed support, and though the crowd was considerably smaller, there was still an awesome atmosphere, the stadium bespoke with red Lions shirts everywhere. This made me excited. Even though the cricket final was in full swing, loyal Joburg supporters came out to cheer on the team...

Now, yes we did loose to the Reds, but it was still a good match to watch regardless. A fun time out all in all, and something we should all be doing from time to time... Our boys could always use more fans in the stadium, motivating them to try a little harder!

The stadium itself is an awesome place to see, steeped in history and host to some of the worlds top events, including the rugby worldcup and more recently the soccer. Next time there is a match on, I totally recommend you drop on by and experience some of that Rugby culture...

Til next time!