Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Discovering Liliesleaf...

Watching CNBC Africa a few months back, we came across a documentary focusing on the role the farm Liliesleaf and the people associated with it had on the struggle... and we were intrigued.

Most people don't know the significance of this place in our history, but most people would have heard about the trial it is associated with... the Rivonia Trial!

To satisfy our curiosity, we went through to Rivonia to go and have a look at this historic place to see what it is all about, and lets just say that I was blown away! It is actually one of the most amazing places one can visit. The compound comprises of the original house and outhouses, the famous "Secret Safari" truck, and new interpretive centre and restaurant.

It is in this location that all of the Rivonia trialists, excluding Nelson, were captured in 1961. It delves into the history of the banning of political parties like the ANC and the Communist Party, and the collapse of peaceful resistance.

This is a must see and if you have not gone to see it then you must question your loyalty to Joburg and the country as a whole. With amazing guides, and modern, interactive displays, this is easily one of the most interesting and important attractions one could visit.

It only cost R35.00 for the entrance to the venue, then you have the choice of getting a guide at no extra cost (which I recommend) or walking through the house and out-houses on your own.

Trust me on this one, it is a MUST SEE!

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