Monday, March 21, 2011

Where have all the PICTURES gone!?!

So, it has been a while now since the fantastic art initiative featuring the works of the great Mary Sibande have been removed from the city, and I must say I really miss seeing those awesome images plastered all over our special town... So when are we going to see those terrible Hennesy ads ripped down and burnt, and what is next in store for us?

I think the powers that be must get a move on now and brighten our streets for us once more, especially with gloomy winter days looming, it will be awesome if there is something to look forward to when roaming around the wind swept streets of Joburg, a little glimmer of something spectacular to put a smile on your face and make that part of your day ever so slightly more special and unique...

So lets get this art gallery we call our home up and running with a great new exhibition... And lets say goodbye to those terrible ads that deface our buildings yet again!


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